Welding Industry

Over 35 years ago, WELD Specialty was founded primarily as a supplier of welding equipment and products to large manufacturers in all industries. Automotive-related manufacturers, with their dependence on welding, were naturally a large part of our client base. Automated, high volume manufacturers also looked to WELD not only for welding equipment but also welding safety training and compliance plus vendor manged inventory.

A much larger spectrum of industry customers was served once WELD became an industrial gas supplier and continued to grow as we expanded into the special gas business.

Today, the bread and butter industries we serve are:

Welding & Metal Fabricating

This is our "Specialty", and the stepping-stone for WELD'S explosive growth. It's no secret that we are arcs and sparks people ready to help you with all your welding and fabrication needs. As your professional shopping consultants, we are not here to sell you something you don't need. We'll advise you on the different options you have and assist you with making the right decisions. Between our outside and inside sales professionals we have well over 200+ combined years of experience.


In today’s construction industry, outsourcing of welding and metal fabricating projects has become a thing of the past.  With long lead times of fabrication companies, this has left the projects in the hands of the construction company.  WELD will cover every aspect by providing your in-house welder/fabricator with all the necessary tools to complete their task.  You can call us for your supply needs or we can come to you. 

Food and Beverage

From home brewers and soda stream users to local cheese factories and slaughter houses; whether you are packaging food or dispensing your favorite beverage, WELD Specialty can supply you with the gas or food grade gas you need. If you need one cylinder, one hundred or a bulk tank, let us show you cost saving solutions for your packaging or dispensing needs.

Specialty Gas, Lasers and Labs

As a leading supplier of high purity gases for the research, medical, fiber optic, semiconductor, environmental, laser and lighting markets throughout Wisconsin, WELD takes pride in providing high purity and ultra high purity gases meeting or exceeding your requirements. We also understand that sometimes it's not only the purity that matters but the impurities that can cause you the most grief.

Our Customers Include:

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