Welding Gas Supplier

Industrial Gases

Our Industrial and Welding Gas Supplier Products include pure gases and mixtures—filled using the highest quality gases supplied by Air Liquide America. We work with home hobbyists, fabricators, mechanical & general contractors as well as heavy industrial manufacturers.

Specialty Gases

Our Specialty Gas Products include a complete line of Pure Gases, Mixtures, Analytical Gases, Emission & Environmental Gases—all with a wide variety of purities and cylinders to choose from.

Laser Gases

WELD can supply your Laser with any high purity resonator gas or any Oxygen or Nitrogen assist gas package.

Food Grade Gases

The WELD Sales Team will know the right solution for your food grade gas requirements by gas type [Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon], application [Freezing & Chilling, Packaging, Carbonation & Blaketing, Purging, Sparging and Hydrogenation] and product type [Dairy & Frozen Goods, Beverages, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat, Fish & Seafood and more].

Bulk Gases

Our Bulk Gas Product Line is tailor made to meet your neeeds.Based on your gas volume, pressure requirements, purity and product we can design a Bulk Gas System to fit your production and your budget.

Cylinder Exchange Locations

For your convenience WELD Specialty has a select group of dealers in our service areas that have all the common cylinders in stock for exchange or purchase. Selection includes oxygen, acetylene, propane, argon, argon mixes,nitrogen and helium.

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