Food Grade CO

Compliance with FDA guidelines in the food and beverage industry can be a daunting task. Specialty gases and mixtures such as food grade CO₂, Nitrogen (N₂) and Oxygen (O₂) are utilized in various processes. WELD specialty defines food grade gases as those used as a processing aid and/or an additive for regulation compliance. These gases provide pest control, provide cryogenic chilling and freezing, increase production, decrease microbial growth, extend shelf life and aid in the processing and packaging of food. Food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly challenged to preserve the quality and freshness of their food, and the optimal gas application can extend shelf life as well as distribution capabilities.

In order to keep up with specialty gas use and demand, the Food and Beverage Industry often sources a gas supply company to match their needs. WELD Specialty has the technical expertise to accommodate these requirements.

WELD Specialty provides fully designed and installed custom fit bulk specialty gases for food grade production, packaging and storage. WELD Specialty offers full process solutions that save their customers 20-50% by studying the procedure and offering viable solutions. WELD currently supplies food CO2, Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2).

As industrial gas specialists in Wisconsin, WELD Specialty has grown into a leading role supplying the food industry with the proper specialty gases and mixtures. From home brewers and soda stream users to local cheese factories and slaughter houses; whether you are packaging food or dispensing your favorite beverage, WELD Specialty can supply you with the specialty gases that you need. If you need one cylinder, or a bulk tank, let us show you cost saving solutions for your packaging or dispensing needs.

food grade co2

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