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Welding abrasives are power tool attachments used in the finish process on weld beads. The attachments such as brushes, deburring tools, cut-off wheels and discs are utilized to grind excessive weld material off a workpiece.  The grind process is to blend, cut and finish the appearance of a weld. The correct type of welding abrasives is necessary, as is the appropriate power tool. 

A grinder is employed to improve weld appearance, rid the weld surface of pits and ensure the integrity of the toe of the weld. To create a seamless look in a workpiece, the excessive material is ground and polished to resemble the material that was welded together.  An irregular weld bead is difficult to paint.  A grinder smooths out the weld surface to provide full coverage with the paint material. The junction of the weld face and the base metal, or toe of the weld, is ground to smoothly blend the two surfaces. 

Though grinding welds seems to be a simple process, there are a few downfalls to consider. The process is manually intensive and time consuming. The correct pressure of the welding abrasive is vital so as not to burn a hole through the weld. The proper angle of the wheel is necessary so that the grinding wheel does not prematurely wear out. The right power tool is imperative so that there is no premature disc wear.

WELD Specialty is the top local supply distributor of welding abrasives. Their knowledgeable team of certified welding inspectors and instructors are just a phone call away to answer your product questions. With their advanced weld and grind experience, they are also available for on-site training to improve your skills and understanding. Their inventory of welding abrasives supply materials will help you find exactly what you need for your weld workpiece. 

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